Garland and Harris in Shocking Biden Cover-Up – National Security on the Brink

A top-tier shambles is unfolding before America’s very eyes. Merrick Garland, Kamala Harris, and their cronies have spun themselves into quite the tangled web, shielding President Biden’s condition from the public. This cover-up is a masterclass in hypocrisy and a glaring threat to national security.

The American people are being treated like mushrooms—kept in the dark and fed nonsense—by an administration that preaches transparency while operating more secretly than a spy thriller. The revelation that those in power are tiptoeing around the truth to protect a clearly faltering president is more than a slap in the face of democracy; it’s a full-blown body slam.

For a party that loves to wag its finger at so-called misinformation (usually by silencing conservatives), the Democrats are sure doing a stellar job at serving up a buffet of their own. Watching Garland and Harris act like everything is fine while the country barrels towards who-knows-what shows just how little regard they have for the very democracy they claim to safeguard.

The consequences? National security is at risk—big time. Nations around the globe aren’t oblivious to the smoke and mirrors act the White House is pulling. They see the fractures in leadership and smell the vulnerability. While America plays pretend, our adversaries are likely chuckling amongst themselves, emboldened by our transparent attempt to hide a deteriorating commander-in-chief.

This is not just a political circus; it’s a mockery of the sacred democratic ideals that once made this country great. The curtain needs to be pulled back, the actors sent packing, and the stage reset for a leader who can actually lead—not one that needs to be carefully propped up by his handlers at every turn.

Written by Staff Reports

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