Biden’s Claims of Shutting Down Putin Contradicted by Ukraine Strikes

In a recent ABC News interview, Joe Biden boasted about his involvement in NATO and claimed to have “shut Putin down.” However, recent events in Ukraine seem to tell a different story. Just days after Biden’s bold statement, Russian missile strikes in Ukrainian cities resulted in multiple casualties, including the destruction of a children’s hospital in Kyiv.

The Russian military deployed ballistic missiles and cruise missiles in these attacks, causing devastation and loss of life. Despite the tragic consequences, Russia’s Defense Ministry justified the strikes as a response to alleged Ukrainian provocations. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy called for Putin to be held accountable and urged international action to protect Ukraine from further attacks. 


The targeting of a children’s hospital sparked global outrage, raising questions about Putin’s real intentions and the effectiveness of Biden’s supposed actions to “shut him down.” Biden’s rhetoric seems out of touch with the grim reality on the ground in Ukraine, where innocent civilians are bearing the brunt of Russian aggression. The discrepancy between Biden’s words and the events unfolding in Ukraine highlights the need for strong leadership and a clear-eyed approach to dealing with hostile regimes like Putin’s Russia.

Written by Staff Reports

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