Emerson Polls Spell Disaster for Democrats Trump Leads Biden and Harris by Wide Margins

The latest polling from Emerson College is like a gift from above for conservatives – confirming that the Democrats are in deep trouble. Not only is Joe Biden floundering against President Trump, but even the left’s last-ditch hope, Kamala Harris, is tanking harder than a lead zeppelin.

Despite the media circus trying to prop up Biden’s sinking ship after that disastrous debate, the numbers don’t lie. Trump is not just leading against Sleepy Joe nationally, he’s also trouncing Kamala by a comfortable six-point margin. It’s like a one-two punch right in the Democrat ego.

And the hits keep coming for the left. It’s not just Biden and Kamala who are failing to measure up against Trump. Bernie, Hillary, Buttigieg, Warren – you name it, they’re all falling short. Even the political equivalent of a Roomba would do better in the polls.

The panic on the left is palpable. They tried to hide Biden’s cognitive decline for so long, but the truth came crashing down during that debate. Now they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, or rather, between Biden and Kamala. It’s a losing proposition either way for them.

The Democrats are like a sinking ship desperately trying to bail out water with a leaky bucket. Even if they wanted to switch captains at this point, the alternatives don’t look any better. Biden may be a walking gaffe machine, but he’s somehow still their best shot at the White House.


This whole saga is a testament to the Democrats’ misguided priorities. They cared more about power than about the well-being of the country, and now they’re reaping what they sowed – a potential Trump comeback of epic proportions. The left’s desperation is almost comical, if it wasn’t so pitiful.

Written by Staff Reports

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