Dems Deny Invasion: Border Crisis Ignored in Senate Vote

In a stunning display of partisan politics, Senate Democrats blocked the passage of a resolution that would have recognized the alarming influx of illegal entries over the southern border as an “invasion.” It’s no secret that since President Biden took office, millions of foreign nationals have flooded into our country illegally. Yet, rather than addressing this crisis head-on, Democrats continue to turn a blind eye.

Republican Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas took to the Senate floor to propose the resolution, highlighting the urgent need to acknowledge the severity of the situation. He argued that the Biden administration has failed to fulfill its constitutional duty in protecting our borders, leaving states like Texas with no choice but to take matters into their own hands. Marshall emphasized that Governor Greg Abbott has both a moral responsibility and a constitutional right to protect the good people of Texas.

The resolution, had it passed, would have affirmed that the mass illegal entry of foreign nationals across the U.S.-Mexico border constitutes an invasion under the U.S. Constitution. It would have also recognized that states have the authority to repel such invasions on an individual basis, as granted by Article I, § 10. This provision allows states to “engage in War” with the consent of Congress.

To illustrate the gravity of the situation, Marshall drew a parallel between Washington, D.C., and Texas. Imagining an equivalent influx into the nation’s capital, he painted a vivid picture of “10,000 ships coming up the Potomac River over the last three years… each with 1,000 people from over 180 nations.” It’s a scenario that would undoubtedly send shockwaves through the halls of power.

However, Democratic Senator Alex Padilla of California objected to Marshall’s motion, accusing Republicans of playing politics. Padilla claimed that Republicans’ concerns were merely an attempt to create chaos and fear in order to benefit former President Trump. It’s a tired and baseless assertion that conveniently ignores the gravity of the border crisis.

Padilla also expressed his opposition to granting immigration powers to governors, arguing that it would lead to cruelty, lawlessness, unconstitutional legislation, and even racial profiling. He specifically pointed to Texas’ efforts to block migrants from crossing the Rio Grande using river buoys as an example of these supposed horrors. Perhaps Padilla needs a reality check. It’s not about cruelty or racial profiling; it’s about enforcing our laws and protecting our nation’s citizens.

Thankfully, Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville from Alabama rallied to support the resolution, recognizing that the federal government cannot force Texas to allow itself to be invaded and destroyed. Tuberville invoked the age-old adage that the Constitution is not a “suicide pact.” It’s a reminder that we must do whatever it takes to preserve the integrity and security of our nation.

Once again, Senate Democrats have demonstrated their unwillingness to address the immigration crisis head-on. Their obstruction and dismissal of the resolution are a disservice to the American people and a clear indication that they prioritize partisan politics over the safety and well-being of our country. It’s time for Democrats to set aside their ideological biases and work towards finding real solutions to this urgent issue. The American people deserve better.

Written by Staff Reports

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