Dems Left Red-Faced: Jordan Exposes Ridiculous Obsession, Leaves Them Fuming

The Democrats are having a hard time these days when it comes to trying to paint John Durham, a conservative, as a biased or corrupt individual. Even after several attempts to do so, they were unsuccessful this morning.

One of the most ridiculous questions that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson asked Congressman Jim Jordan was flat out wrong. The Democrats looked clueless and impotent as a result. The real joy came when the conservative Jordan caused a commotion on the floor.

Jordan showed the Democrats how ridiculous their claims about Republicans being corrupt are by revealing that he had eight text messages with the attorney general of the US during a span of 11 months.

The Chair of the Democrats couldn’t stop talking about how inappropriate it was. Jordan then took a quick shot back, saying that he was merely pointing out an absurdity.

These moments show us why we should support conservative individuals such as John Durham and Jim Jordan. Watch the hilarious clip above and keep up with the developments in the hearing.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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