DeSantis’ Secret Memo Leaked: Here’s His GOP Nomination Strategy!

Oh boy, hold onto your hats because it looks like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is in some hot water when it comes to his hopes of snagging the GOP presidential nomination. But fear not, dear conservatives, because DeSantis’ campaign has just released a top-secret memo to ease the worries of his donors and supporters. Talk about cloak and dagger!

According to NBC News, this mysterious memo, labeled “confidential friends and family update…not for distribution,” outlines DeSantis’ strategic direction for the coming months. It starts by bragging about the impressive $20 million he raised in just six weeks after announcing his campaign. Take that, Trump! Apparently, DeSantis wants everyone to know that his fundraising skills are top-notch. But come on, folks, money isn’t everything. It’s about policy and character!

The memo also highlights the more than 250 endorsements DeSantis has already secured from state legislators nationwide. And he attributes these endorsements to his bold stance on securing the southern border. Now, that’s what I call being tough on illegal immigration! It’s no wonder he’s rallying the troops behind him.

But let’s not forget about the early primary states, folks. The memo stresses that DeSantis is going to focus his efforts and resources on these critical states. Apparently, he’s eyeing New Hampshire as a place where undecided voters still have the potential to be swayed. After all, it’s never too early to start buttering up those Granite State voters!

The memo also makes it clear that DeSantis won’t be taking his foot off the gas when it comes to advertising and ground operations in these early states. Sorry, Super Tuesday, but DeSantis isn’t going to waste time and resources on you just yet. He wants to keep that momentum going strong in New Hampshire. And you know what? That’s the kind of dedication and focus we need in a candidate.

Oh, but wait! Politico is reporting that some of DeSantis’ big-money donors are starting to have some doubts. They’re opening their checkbooks to other potential nominees, like South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. Now, I’m not one to gossip, but it seems like these donors think DeSantis might not have what it takes to take down Trump. But come on, folks, give the man a chance! He’s got the conservative values, the charisma, and the policy chops to make a real difference.

So, what’s the verdict? Well, according to one insider, there needs to be a shake-up in the DeSantis campaign, and fast. I’m not saying heads need to roll, but maybe a little course correction is in order. Only time will tell if these changes will be enough to catapult DeSantis ahead of Trump in the race for the GOP nomination. But one thing’s for sure, conservatives: we can’t afford to lose sight of our values and compromise on our principles. We need a candidate who will fight tooth and nail for what we believe in. And if DeSantis can prove he’s that candidate, well, watch out Trump!

Written by Staff Reports

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