Canada’s Deathly Turn: Assisted Suicide for Mentally Ill Skyrockets

In a shocking and disturbing turn of events, Canada has taken a swift plunge into a dangerous territory by expanding the criteria for medically assisted death. What started as a seemingly compassionate measure for the terminally ill has now evolved into a dire situation where those with mental illnesses are being given the option to choose physician-assisted suicide. This is a slippery slope that Canada has carelessly slid down, devoid of any consideration for the long-term impacts on society and the vulnerable.

Take the case of Lisa Pauli, a 47-year-old woman who has been battling anorexia for decades. Canada now claims that she, a person who struggles to make rational decisions about her own health and well-being, is suddenly competent enough to choose assisted suicide. It’s absurd and dangerous to believe that someone who cannot even eat properly is capable of making such a life-altering decision. This is not compassion; it’s a reckless abandonment of the value of human life.

We should be deeply concerned about the path Canada is taking. What was once a debate about allowing the terminally ill to pass on through assisted means has now turned into a justification for accepting the rationalizations of individuals with various mental or spiritual illnesses as valid reasons for suicide. This is a complete reversal of priorities, where death is being preferred over life. It goes against the fundamental principles of preserving and promoting life that have been upheld for centuries.

The threat of abuse in assisted suicide cannot be ignored. There have been reports of patients being pressured into ending their lives, and studies have revealed cases of physician-assisted suicide occurring without the patient’s consent. Once the floodgates are opened, the potential for abuse becomes very real. Canada’s rapid expansion of assisted suicide without careful evaluation and consideration shows a disturbing lack of regard for the well-being of its citizens.

Canada’s embrace of death as a national value is deeply troubling. The number of Canadians dying by physician-assisted suicide is skyrocketing, with over 10,000 cases reported in 2021 alone. This is not about dignity; it’s about prioritizing death over life for any reason whatsoever. Whether it’s the progressive eugenics movement of the past or the morally reprehensible one-child policy in China, the underlying goal remains the same – ending human life.

We should be focusing our resources on saving lives, not facilitating their end. Every life is valuable and should be protected. Canada’s disregard for this basic principle is alarming and reminiscent of the worst despotic regimes in history. Life is sacred, and it’s our duty to defend and uphold that sanctity in every form.

If we truly want to address mental health and prevent suicides, we should be investing in comprehensive mental health services, providing support, and promoting a culture where every individual feels valued and supported. This is a crisis that demands compassion, understanding, and genuine care, not a shortcut to death. It’s time to reconsider the dangerous path Canada is on and prioritize life over the convenience of an easy way out.

Written by Staff Reports

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