DIA Officer Quits Over US Military Aid to Israel Amid Gaza Conflict

A Defense Intelligence Agency officer, Maj. Harrison Mann, has stepped down from his position in protest of the United States’ ongoing military aid to Israel. He voiced his concern over what he referred to as “nearly unqualified support for Israel,” which he believes has contributed to the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza. Mann expressed his deep regret and shame over the devastating images of the conflict and felt a personal connection due to his European Jewish heritage.

This resignation follows the departures of other government officials who objected to the U.S.’s backing of Israel. These include Senior State Department official Josh Paul, Arabic language spokeswoman Hala Rharrit, and foreign affairs officer Annelle Sheline, who all parted ways with their positions in disagreement with the country’s support for Israel.

The U.S. has historically provided substantial military aid to Israel, and President Joe Biden’s administration recently paused a military aid package, including large bombs, due to concerns over their potential use in Rafah, a city on Gaza’s border with Egypt. While the U.S. government is hesitant about full-scale Israeli operations in Rafah, Israel has indicated the necessity of such actions to achieve its objectives.

In response to the conflict, Israel has conducted limited operations in parts of Rafah, prompting nearly 360,000 people to flee the area. The war in Gaza has resulted in significant casualties, with over 34,000 Palestinians reported killed by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israeli forces have targeted approximately 14,000 militants and around 16,000 civilians.

Overall, the resignations and objections from government officials highlight the divisive nature of U.S. support for Israel, particularly in the context of the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Written by Staff Reports

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