DOJ Blocks Subpoenas in Hunter Biden Scandal: Who’s Protected?

In a blow to Republicans, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has informed House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan that his subpoena of two FBI agents in connection with the ongoing Hunter Biden probe is constitutionally null. The subpoena, issued on August 21, sought information from the FBI and IRS about alleged DOJ interference to protect Hunter Biden. The investigation centers around a meeting held by U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who allegedly indicated that higher-ups at the DOJ were involved in blocking charges against President Biden’s son.

IRS whistleblowers have testified that the DOJ slow-walked the investigation, blocked search warrants, and prevented charges from being filed against Hunter Biden. Republicans, including Jordan and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith, issued a subpoena for four individuals present at the meeting to investigate these claims.

However, Assistant Attorney General Carlos Felipe Uriarte responded to the subpoenas, stating that they “lack legal effect and cannot constitutionally be enforced.” Uriarte cited the ongoing investigation as the reason behind his decision. This comes after Hunter Biden’s plea deal, which would have given him immunity for various crimes, was rejected by a judge. Attorney General Merrick Garland then elevated Weiss to the status of special counsel, a move criticized by Republicans.

While the DOJ is open to negotiations with the House Committee on the Judiciary, Uriarte stressed the importance of protecting the integrity of the investigation and preventing the disclosure of non-public information. He also argued that the subpoena’s prohibition against agency counsel attending the agents’ deposition interfered with the Executive Branch’s ability to protect sensitive information.

With the subpoena deemed unenforceable, Republicans will have to find another avenue to pursue their investigation into the alleged DOJ interference in the Hunter Biden probe. It remains to be seen whether any compromise can be reached between the committee and the DOJ.

Written by Staff Reports

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