DOJ Finds 6 MORE Classified Documents In Biden Residence

According to Bob Bauer, the attorney for US President Joe Biden, the Department of Justice found six more classified items during a search of the president's home in Delaware on Friday.

After the discovery of classified materials in the Penn Biden Center and his home in Delaware in November, Biden's lawyers asked the Department of Justice to conduct a search of the properties.

According to Bauer, the search was conducted for over 12 hours. During that time, the investigators were able to access various areas of the Biden residence, including his personal papers and documents.

In a statement, the Justice Department said that it seized six items that contained classified materials. Some of these were from Biden's time in the Senate. It also took the opportunity to review the handwritten notes that were made during his time as the vice president.

Bauer noted that Biden's administration would cooperate with the authorities. The president's lawyers also asked that the search be carried out as quickly as possible.

Biden stated that he was surprised by the documents' discovery, and he did not know what they contained.

After a week of not talking to the media about the incident, Biden said Thursday that he had no regrets about the matter. He noted that the public would be able to find out what was in the documents.

The White House did not publicize the details of the documents until January 9, when CBS first reported about the incident. Press secretary Jean-Pierre maintained that the White House did not reveal the documents' contents until the report was aired.

The White House's legal office did not provide the Daily Caller with an answer when Biden first learned about the documents.

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