WATCH: Nikki Haley STRONGLY Hints Toward 2024 Presidential Run

In an interview, Nikki Haley stated that she would like to be the next president of the United States. She said that she believes she could lead the country.

During the interview, which was conducted on Fox News, the former US Ambassador was asked if she would be interested in running for president in four years. She refused to provide a direct answer, but she noted that people who are considering running for office have to first assess their options.

"When asked about the current political situation in the country, she noted that it is important for people to have new leadership. She also said that she would like to lead the country in the future."

In response to the questions, she stated that America needs new leadership. She noted that she believes she can lead the country in a new direction.

She also noted that her record as a governor of South Carolina is what sets her apart from other candidates. During her time as the governor, she reportedly turned around the state's economy and took on the world when other countries were trying to disrespect the US.

"When asked if she could be the next president, she stated that she believes that she could lead the country. However, she noted that she and her team are still working on things. She also said that she has never lost a race."

She joked that the upcoming primary would be similar to her previous positions, stating that there is nothing she can't handle. She predicted that the winner would be the best woman.

In July, Tucker Carlson, a Fox News host, warned the attendees of a gathering in Iowa about the potential presidential candidates who care about what the New York Times writes. He pointed out that she was an example of someone who would be willing to submit to whatever narrative emerges from the media.

In May 2020, she referred to a tweet she made about the death of George Floyd, where she stated that it was important that the country was able to heal.

However, she noted that it was also important that people were able to heal after the tragic events that occurred in the country. She said that she was not trying to make a big deal out of the incident, but she noted that it was important that people were able to understand the context of the situation.

Darren Beattie, the editor of the website Revolver News, shared an article from 2020 that featured a list of reasons why people shouldn't elect her as the next president. Some of the reasons that he cited included her being a neocon relic, her weak stance on technology, and her criticism of Iran.

"In his article, Darren Beattie stated that the American people would be better served if the next president was someone who put the interests of the country first instead of the interests of the military-industrial complex and Big Tech."

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