Leftist Mayor On Crime Epidemic: Just Don’t Carry Cash

The crime rate in Chicago has significantly increased under the leadership of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is a Democrat.

Instead of addressing the issue head-on, Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames the crime problem on everything else.

In response to the rising crime rate in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot suggested that street vendors stop accepting cash.

During a debate with her opponents, Mayor Lori Lightfoot offered what she claimed were solutions to the city's crime problems.

"Despite the various sound bites and rhetoric presented by the other participants, Mayor Lori Lightfoot stated that the crime rate in Chicago has not decreased."

"According to the mayor, she has been working with the Little Village community to address the issue of crime by educating the street vendors about the nature of the problem and helping them secure their money."

During the first three questions of the debate, Mayor Lori Lightfoot claimed that the city's shooting and homicide rates had gone down. However her opponent, Ja'Mal Green claimed that she had been lying.

"In response to the question about the crime rate, Green said that the city's homicide rate had not decreased since before the mayor's administration started. He also noted that she had been disconnected from the communities that she was supposed to be working with."

The crime rate in the city of Chicago has increased significantly under the leadership of Lori Lightfoot. From the previous year, the police department reported that the crime rate had gone up by 65 percent. Other violent crimes such as sexual assault also increased.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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