Drunken Husband of Nancy Pelosi Just Made the Pelosi Family Even Wealthier

It must be good to have a great wife who is willing to take use of her position of power inside the federal government in order to deliver insider information to her husband and children so that they can make better financial decisions as a family.

The Pelosi family, much like the Biden Crime Family, has reaped enormous benefits from Nancy's position in Congress as a result of her work there. She has first-hand experience with the topics that are being debated in Congress as well as the ways in which particular legislation may impact particular fields. This exclusive information guides the stock market investments made by her husband, which have resulted in millions of dollars being added to the family's wealth.

Following the consideration of forthcoming legislation in the House of Representatives that is intended to strengthen the U.S. semiconductor industry, the Pelosi family is poised to profit from yet another astute investment move.

It just so seems that Paul Pelosi has lately exercised stock shares in a California technology company to the tune of $5 million, and as a result, he has developed a newfound interest in the semiconductor business for himself.

Paul Pelosi, who was detained in May on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, recently exercised his option to purchase 20,000 shares of Nvidia, a business based in Santa Clara. This information was sent to the House of Representatives by Nancy Pelosi in a disclosure that she submitted the previous week.

A year ago, while the Senate was debating whether or not to provide subsidies for the American semiconductor industry, Paul Pelosi purchased a large number of Nvidia shares for millions of dollars. The House, however, did not take up the legislation.

But if the House plan is passed and these subsidies are given to American chip manufacturers, Nancy and Paul stand to make a killing off of it financially.

The bill that is currently being discussed by the Senate is a condensed version of the law that was passed by the Senate the previous year but was not taken up by the House. This law allocated $52 billion for chip subsidies and an additional $200 billion to stimulate scientific and technology innovation in the United States in order to better compete with China.

On the other hand, there is simply no way to refute the fact that Nancy shared confidential information with her husband shortly after the passage of such a significant piece of legislation. How else could Paul have known to sell off that amount of shares at the exact right moment?

The net worth of the Pelosi family is said to be at around $100 million, according to some estimates. It is not entirely clear how the Pelosis have managed to strike it rich on a low salary of six figures as a public worker, which is paid for by the taxpayers of the United States, but many people can make educated guesses.

There has recently been a surge of outrage from people on both sides of the political aisle in response to the Pelosi family's seemingly magical ability to make million-dollar stock investments at the exact same time that measures are being considered by the House.

Even Democrats have gone against Nancy on this issue, despite the fact that she is personally opposed to any stock reform that would prohibit family members from profiting from insider information.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Examiner News.

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