Durham Exposes FBI Corruption; Dems in Denial, Attack Ties to AG Barr

In a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing, Special Counsel John Durham delivered “sobering” revelations about the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane probe of the Trump campaign’s alleged Russian collusion. However, the Democrats once again showed their unwillingness to accept the truth. Instead of focusing on fixing the issues identified by Durham, they attempted to discredit him by attacking his relationships.

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, who clearly had nothing substantial to offer, zeroed in on the partnership between Durham and former Attorney General Bill Barr. She attempted to use 8 text messages exchanged over an 11-month period to prove that Durham’s investigation was compromised.

Chairman Jim Jordan rightly called out the ridiculousness of her claim, stating that it was unbelievable that those few text messages between the Attorney General and the Special Counsel during 11 months could be evidence of anything.

It’s preposterous that Democrats continue trying to thwart the truth with unfounded and petty allegations. They should have been focused on the root of the matter—ending the corruption within the FBI and preventing further abuse of power. But, instead, they were putting their own interests ahead of the nation’s by actively searching for nonexistent faults.

In conclusion, we should all appreciate Durham’s courageous acts of revealing the flaws and corruption within the FBI’s investigation of Trump’s alleged Russian collusion. It’s time for the Democrats to take responsibility and begin moving forward in search of solutions instead of constantly scheming and keeping false hopes of collusion alive.

Written by Staff Reports

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