Ernst’s Ultimatum to Biden: No SOTU Without Budget Plan!

Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa has brought some heat to the White House by introducing a bill that would put some serious restrictions on President Joe Biden’s big ol’ State of the Union address. Senator Ernst and her Republican posse are all about this Send Us Budget Materials & International Tactics In Time (SUBMIT IT) Act, which basically says, “Hey, Biden, if you can’t get your act together and give us your budget and national security plans on time, then forget about the fancy State of the Union shindig.”

Senator Ernst wasn’t holding back when she explained her stance on the matter. She’s all like, “Actions speak louder than words, folks, and Biden’s budget is tardy once again. If the President wants to give his grand speech to Congress and the whole nation, he better have a game plan ready to roll.” She’s not wrong, people! We’re talkin’ about serious stuff here, like inflation and global chaos, and we need more than just talk from ol’ Biden.

And boy, oh boy, Representative Buddy Carter from Georgia is fired up too. He’s saying, “Biden’s budget was supposed to land at Congress on February 5, but it’s still MIA. This is just plain irresponsible, folks. Until Congress gets its paws on the president’s national security strategy and budget, he’s got no business strutting up to give his State of the Union speech.”

Now, here’s the juicy part. If this SUBMIT IT Act actually gets the green light, it won’t be kicking in until 2025. And let’s be real here, it’s gonna take a whole lot of work to wrangle up enough support from the Democratic-controlled Senate and get ol’ Biden to give it the ol’ John Hancock. Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen!

So, we’ve got some other folks like Representative Scott Perry from Pennsylvania jumping in on the action, calling on the White House to just scrap Biden’s whole 2024 State of the Union address. Perry’s all about blaming Biden for the whole mess at the southern border instead of cursing the president for his money and security plan tardiness. He’s saying, “We need to throw the kitchen sink at this. The president only gets to give his speech at the invite of Congress, and guess what? Republicans are holding the reins in the House. No need to roll out the red carpet for more of Biden’s hogwash and him pointing fingers at the American people for the chaos he’s causing.”

This here’s some intense political showdown, and it’s like a Texas rodeo, y’all! Hold onto your hats and keep an eye out for who’s gonna come out on top in this wild wrangle over the State of the Union hullabaloo!

Written by Staff Reports

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