Explosive: AOC Loses it in Fresh, Unbounded Assault on SCOTUS!

In a recent town hall event, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) once again revealed her complete lack of understanding about the purpose and structure of the Supreme Court. It’s almost comical how she seems to think that the Court is supposed to answer to her and Congress. Sorry AOC, but that’s just not how our system works. The Supreme Court is intentionally separate from the influence of politics, so that it can make decisions based on the Constitution and not on the current political narrative.

AOC’s latest attack on the Court came after she complained about three Supreme Court rulings that didn’t go her way. Instead of engaging in a thoughtful discussion about the legal reasoning behind those decisions, she resorted to baseless smears. She suggested that the justices are receiving “financial benefits” from billionaire donors who have cases before the Court. Of course, she provided zero evidence to back up these claims. But hey, who needs evidence when you’re trying to push a political agenda, right?

In her typical fashion, AOC also called for congressional investigations into the Supreme Court and their supposed “unethical activity.” She even suggested that the Court should be subpoenaed if they refuse to comply. I’m sorry, but this sounds like a page out of the dictator’s handbook. The Supreme Court should never be subjected to the whims of Congress. AOC needs a lesson in the separation of powers.

But what really adds insult to injury is that AOC is using ethics as an excuse for her attack on the Court. This is coming from the same party that struggles to keep their own house in order when it comes to ethics. Maybe she should focus on cleaning up her own mess before throwing stones at others. And let’s not forget about the ethics issues in the DOJ and the FBI, which she conveniently ignores. Typical.

It’s clear that AOC has little understanding of our constitutional government. She has shown time and time again that she wants to restrict the Court’s power in order to achieve her own political agenda. But that’s not how our system is designed to work. The Court is meant to be independent and impartial, not subject to the whims of Congress. AOC’s desire to limit the Court’s powers is a dangerous and undemocratic idea. It’s time for her to get an education on the separation of powers and respect the role of the Supreme Court in our system of checks and balances.

Written by Staff Reports

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