Facebook Censorship Strikes: Tucker Carlson Video Silenced by White House!

The government’s attempts to censor free speech have been exposed, and it’s a major blow to democracy and independent thinking. In a stunning turn of events, Judge Terry Doughty has issued an injunction against the White House for colluding with big tech companies to silence American citizens. This is a direct violation of our right to freedom of speech, a right that George Washington himself warned is crucial for maintaining our freedom.

According to the Daily Caller, the White House was caught red-handed trying to censor a video made by none other than Tucker Carlson, the beloved former host of Fox News. In an email sent on April 14, 2021, Rob Flaherty, the Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Digital Strategy, demanded that Facebook censor Tucker Carlson and another Fox News host, Tomi Lahren, for their vaccine-related comments. Flaherty was outraged that Carlson dared to question the effectiveness of vaccines and that Lahren had the audacity to state that she won’t be taking the vaccine herself.

It’s alarming to see the White House using its power to pressure big tech platforms like Facebook into silencing voices they disagree with. Flaherty’s email clearly shows that the White House was not only aware of Facebook’s promise to “demote” such content but also wanted to see the results for themselves. It’s a blatant abuse of power and a direct attack on our freedom of speech.

The reference to Tomi Lahren’s comments about mask requirements is also worth noting. Lahren pointed out the hypocrisy of Democrats and health officials who claimed that vaccines would end mask mandates. She made it clear that she personally will not be getting the vaccine and will not be forced to do so. It’s a perspective that may not be popular with the mainstream media, but it’s important for all Americans to have the freedom to voice their opinions without fear of censorship.

Tucker Carlson, known for his thought-provoking commentary, also raised valid concerns about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine. On his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, he posed two simple questions: Is the vaccine safe, and is it effective? These are critical questions that should be asked and answered by rigorous scientific research, not silenced by the government or big tech companies.

The fact that the White House actively sought to censor Tucker Carlson’s vaccine-skeptical content is deeply troubling. It shows a clear disregard for the principles of free speech and open dialogue. Every American should have the right to express their opinions, even if they go against the grain. Our democracy thrives when ideas are freely exchanged, not when they are forcibly stifled.

This injunction serves as a wake-up call to all Americans who cherish their right to free speech. We must remain vigilant and hold our government accountable for any attempts to suppress our voices. The censoring of free speech is a dangerous path that leads us away from the principles that our country was built upon. We must fight back and protect the fundamental rights that define our nation.

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