Family Dollar’s $41.7M Fine for Filthy Fiasco

Family Dollar faces the music with a whopping $41.675 million slap on the wrist for their unsanitary antics. That’s the costliest penalty ever seen in a food safety criminal case, but maybe it’s what they deserved for letting FDA-regulated products turn into a science experiment at their distribution center in Arkansas. Leave it to the feds to bust their chops for letting those products get contaminated under less-than-pristine conditions.

Acting Associate Attorney General Benjamin C. Mizer wasn’t mincing words when he pointed out that when folks hit up the stores, they’re entitled to clean and safe goods. Family Dollar dropped the ball big time on that one. It’s high time they get a taste of their own medicine. Justice is served, literally!

Now, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas Jonathan D. Ross ain’t thrilled with Family Dollar either. Who can blame him? Knowing about rodent problems and still shipping out dodgy products? That’s a big no-no! Consumers trust those big-name stores to look out for them, not put their health at risk. Shame on Family Dollar for letting greed come before customer safety.

Looks like Family Dollar’s Arkansas distribution center was a regular pest party, shipping out contaminated stuff to over 400 of their stores in various states. And get this – they were warned about the pest problem back in 2020, but did they listen? Nope! They kept on trucking until the FDA busted them in 2022. That’s what you call putting profit above people, folks, and it’s straight-up wrong.

FDA didn’t hold back in the inspection report either. Live and dead rodents, droppings, urine – it was like a horror show in there! Who knows what surprises were waiting for customers in those products. Yuck! Family Dollar finally got a wake-up call when the feds showed up, fumigated the place, and bid farewell to over a thousand rodents. Let’s hope they learned their lesson. But knowing them, they’ll be pinching pennies while dodging health standards again in no time.

Written by Staff Reports

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