Fatal Crash at White House; No Attack, Says Secret Service

A vehicle struck barricades and an exterior perimeter gate of the Biden White House last night, resulting in a security crisis. Unidentified, the driver passed away at the scene. There were only minor traffic problems, according to the Secret Service, who also affirmed that the incident was not deemed an attack. The collision is also being looked at by the DC Police. About 10:30 PM, there was a crash, and while Secret Service personnel, DC Fire and EMS, and the DC Police Department conducted their investigation, there were brief road restrictions.

The unnamed adult male crashed into a security barrier near the outside perimeter of the White House complex, killing him at the scene, according to first responders. District law enforcement stated that the MPD's Major Crash Investigations Unit is currently solely investigating the incident as a traffic crash. Officials refused to offer any early details when questioned about the reason behind the driver's Saturday night collision with the barrier.

While investigating teams worked at the scene, a spokeswoman for the Secret Service reassured WTOP that there was no threat to the White House and that there were simply temporary traffic closures in the area. under a statement, US Secret Service Chief of Communications Anthony Guglielmi confirmed that security procedures had been followed and underlined that the White House was not under danger.

When a U-Haul smashed into the White House in May of last year, the driver, 19-year-old Sai Varshith Kandula, was first accused of trying to kill the president. However, although Nazi memorabilia was found at the location, the charges were subsequently subtly dropped.

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