FBI, DOJ Slapped with Subpoena by Jim Jordan for Big Tech Collusion!

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is not letting up in his fight against Big Tech’s censorship of Americans. In his latest move, Jordan has issued subpoenas to both social media platforms and now the FBI and the DOJ. It’s about time someone held these powerful entities accountable for their blatant disregard of Americans’ First Amendment rights.

The FBI and DOJ’s response to the Committee’s request for information has been laughable at best. In the four months since the initial request was sent, they have only produced one document. And guess what? It was already publicly available. This just shows their complete lack of cooperation and transparency. It’s clear they have something to hide.

But what are they hiding? Well, according to Jordan’s letters, there is evidence that contradicts the statements made by FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Elvis Chan during his deposition. It seems that the FBI and other executive branch entities, including the DOJ, may have violated the First Amendment rights of Americans. This is a serious allegation that cannot be taken lightly.

Agent Chan and Agent Laura Dehmlow, who was mentioned in testimony for her role in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story, are just a few examples of the corruption within these agencies. Yet, the FBI and DOJ continue to withhold information, hindering the Committee’s ability to perform its oversight duties.

Jordan is not going to back down. He has given FBI Director Chris Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland until September 15 to respond with the requested internal documents. Let’s hope they finally take this seriously and provide the transparency the American people deserve. Big Tech and the government working together to silence free speech is a dangerous precedent that must be stopped.

Written by Staff Reports

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