FBI Raises Divisive Juneteenth Flag: Disrespecting American Unity?

The FBI put up a flag honoring the Juneteenth holiday outside its headquarters in Washington, D.C., over the weekend. The display, which was also supported by several local government buildings, highlighted the agency's lack of reverence for America's history and its founding fathers.

The Juneteenth flag, which was designed by activist Ben Haith in 1997, features the colors blue, white, and red of the American flag with a lone star that's similar to the Texas flag. It has remained controversial since it was created.

The star on the flag, which is a symbol of Juneteenth, represents a new day of freedom for African-Americans, said Haith. He added that the flag's appearance shows that the country is in an interesting period.

Although Haith's intentions were good, the flag he designed has since become a divisive symbol. Instead of celebrating the freedom of everyone in the country, the Juneteenth flag encourages the idea that only African-Americans are free.

The FBI joined several local government organizations, such as Cedar Rapids, Durham, and Richmond, in displaying the controversial flag outside their facilities. This move went against the sentiments of Americans, who believe that the flag should be used to unite the country.

A local government building displayed a flag that featured the colors green, black, and red. The city of Albany, however, went too far when it hoisted the Pan African flag, which was designed by Marcus Garvey, during the 1920s.

In a recent tweet, US Representative Cori Bush of Missouri stated that Juneteenth is about celebrating black liberation. It should also be used to end police violence and educate the public about the white supremacy in the country. Unfortunately, Bush is more concerned with her own agenda than with uniting Americans.

The FBI's decision to fly the controversial Juneteenth flag outside its facilities is yet another instance of how the far left continues to divide Americans. It's time for the FBI and other organizations to stand up and reject those who would divide the country.

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Written by Staff Reports

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