FBI Shields Hunter Biden: Laptop Cover-Up Exposed, Family Corruption Unleashed!

The ongoing revelation of the deep state's conspiracy against the Bidens unfolds with the latest explosive testimony, which exposes the FBI's deliberate concealment of information regarding Hunter Biden's laptop. As early as November 2019, the FBI was aware of the laptop's authenticity, but instead of publicly confirming it, they coerced social media platforms to censor any coverage, falsely labeling it as a Russian hoax. It wasn't until later that the laptop was discovered to contain potential evidence of tax crimes, prompting the FBI to inform the IRS. This suggests that the FBI was involved in protecting Joe Biden's son from the very beginning, indicating a prearranged plan.

Moreover, the Biden family's corruption appears boundless. WhatsApp messages exchanged between Hunter Biden and a Chinese businessman reveal his exploitation of his father's position to issue threats. In one message, he states, "I am currently with my father, and we demand an explanation as to why the promised commitment has not been fulfilled. Inform the director that I want this resolved immediately, preferably tonight. Furthermore, if anyone other than you, Zhang, or the chairman contacts me regarding this matter, be aware that I will use my connections and my ability to hold grudges to ensure severe consequences. I am here, waiting for the call with my father." These messages clearly demonstrate how the Biden family used Joe Biden's influence to benefit themselves while engaging in deals with foreign governments.

It is reprehensible that Hunter Biden is unlikely to face true accountability for his actions due to his privileged status. However, the emergence of this incriminating evidence is a positive development, as it exposes the pervasive corruption within our government. Consequently, fewer people will place trust in these institutions, which have historically targeted ordinary citizens while safeguarding elites like the Bidens.

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It is high time to hold the Bidens and the deep state accountable, reinstating transparency and integrity in our highest government offices.

Written by Staff Reports

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