Intolerant Left Ousts Mayor for Defending Equality, Rejecting Pride Flag

The intolerant left strikes again! Republican Mayor Perrin Mosca of Rochelle Park, New Jersey has been egregiously ousted from his position for refusing to fly the gay pride flag. What ever happened to freedom of opinion in this country?

Mosca’s refusal to display the flag was due to his steadfast belief that it would be unfair to give preferential treatment to one specific group. Apparently, in this day and age, equality has become a one-way street, and if you don’t join in the parade, you’re automatically a pariah.

Mosca maintained that no particular group should receive special privileges, a notion clearly too nuanced for some members of the City Council. Mosca also spoke out against private flags on public property, which is why he felt only the American flag, state flag, and township flag should be displayed.

Of course, such a sensible stance attracted the ire of the Democrats and even some short-sighted Republicans, who rallied together to force him out of office. It’s just one more example of the intolerant left pushing their divisive agenda down everyone’s throat.

Fortunately, the residents of Rochelle Park were not all in agreement with the Council’s decision, with some even criticizing their behavior. The fact that those on the left cannot tolerate any opinion contrary to their own is truly disturbing.

Mosca had already been facing trouble with the local Republican party before this incident, and it’s clear that they were just waiting for an opportunity to pounce. It’s shameful that his colleagues chose to prioritize personal ideals over what is best for the residents of Rochelle Park.

We can only hope that the Council will see the error of their ways and swiftly reverse this wrongful decision. Until then, Deputy Mayor Jennifer Appice has taken on temporary responsibilities. Rochelle Park may have lost their brave voice of reason, but the fight for equality and fairness will surely continue.

Written by Staff Reports

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