FBI’s Biden Bribery Cover-Up: GOP Caves, Wray Escapes Accountability!

In case there was any doubt about the extensive corruption within the Biden family, a recently surfaced FBI document has shed more light on their alleged involvement in a $5 million Ukrainian bribery scheme. Astonishingly, FBI Director Christopher Wray initially withheld the document until Rep. James Comer threatened him with contempt, after which it was reluctantly handed over. This classified FD-1023 report, oddly placed in a SCIF for members to access, serves as undeniable evidence linking the Biden family to criminal activities in Ukraine. However, instead of acknowledging the new evidence, the FBI once again tried to manipulate the narrative by leaking false information through their media contacts. They falsely claimed that the investigation had been shut down by then-Attorney General William Barr, when in reality, it had been referred to the US attorney's office in Delaware for further action.

When it was time to hold Director Wray accountable for obstructing justice, House Republicans backed down and halted all contempt proceedings against him. It is deeply disappointing to witness the lack of resolve and spinelessness displayed by some conservatives in power. The repeated attempts by the FBI to cover up the truth only highlight their role as a political tool for the Democratic Party. They consistently impede potential investigations into the Bidens while actively interfering in elections and censoring free speech. Collaborating with social media platforms to create echo chambers and engaging in censorship with Twitter are just a couple of examples of their overreach.

The Republican Party must assert its institutional power, much like the Democrats, to dismantle the Deep State elements that continue to evade accountability for their crimes. It is time to declare war on the bureau and hold them responsible for their actions. Failing to do so will only allow the Democratic Party to overpower and perpetuate their criminal activities. It is time to fight back against the corrupt forces within the FBI and the Democratic Party, even if it means resorting to unconventional tactics.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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