Federal Judge Halts Biden’s Title IX Overhaul in 14 States Amid Safety Concerns

Another victory for common sense emerged this week as a federal judge in Kansas choked the life out of the Biden administration’s ludicrously woke Title IX rewrite. Judge John W. Broomes put the brakes on the administration’s plans to redefine sex to include so-called “gender identities,” adding yet another string of states who aren’t buying what the White House is selling. Kansas, Alaska, Utah, and Wyoming joined the ranks, making it 14 states where this madness has been halted. This is the fifth slap in the face for Biden’s team from federal courts on this debacle.

Criticism is piling up against the Biden administration’s attempt to let biological males invade women and girls’ spaces. Think of your daughter being forced to share a locker room with a guy who claims he’s a girl just to ogle at her disrobe. Judge Broomes noted the stark and obvious evidence that this rewrite could let cunning teenage boys with more hormones than sense misuse the system. The original intent of Title IX was to protect women from discrimination, not to turn their private spaces into a sideshow for gender theory enthusiasts.

The legislative history is crystal clear. Title IX was crafted to address inequalities between men and women in education, right down to sports scholarships and admission opportunities. This was never supposed to be a battleground for the Biden administration’s social experiments. Thankfully, Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach stepped up to bat to defend common decency and the safety of young women.

Kobach pointed out the outrageous scenario where a 16-year-old girl on a school trip could be forced to share a room with a biological male. The court’s decision, he mentioned, is a win against this administration’s absurd overreach. The judge’s ruling stands as a bulwark against putting girls and women into compromising and dangerous situations, all under the guise of inclusion and equity.

The ruling wasn’t just about stopping perverse bathroom policies. Broomes also highlighted that the new Title IX rules would trample all over the First Amendment, forcing students and teachers to bow to the ‘preferred pronoun’ police. This war on free speech would compel individuals to use biologically false pronouns, undermining anyone who dares to state the obvious truth that sex is immutable and binary.

Other organizations and states aren’t sitting quietly either. Patriotic groups like Moms for Liberty, Young America’s Foundation, and the Alliance Defending Freedom are pushing back against this dystopian vision. States that have already slammed the brakes on Biden’s Title IX folly include Louisiana, Mississippi, Idaho, Montana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, and West Virginia.

With sanity prevailing in Kansas and thirteen others, pressure is mounting on the Biden administration. Fifteen minutes might be more than enough for fame, but it’s proving too short a time for Biden’s unpopular, sprawling agenda. It turns out the average American isn’t ready to sacrifice their daughters’ safety on the altar of progressive politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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