House Democrats Alarmed by Biden’s Debate Performance and Mental Sharpness

House Democrats are dismissing the White House’s attempts to downplay President Joe Biden’s lackluster debate performance as they warn of an “existential threat” to their party due to concerns about Biden’s mental sharpness and a recent Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity, according to Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei.

Following the debate with former President Donald Trump, where Biden appeared to struggle with freezing, losing his thoughts, and making verbal slip-ups, House Democrats are reportedly incensed. They are urging Democratic leaders Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Sen. Chuck Schumer to address Biden’s capabilities seriously.

VandeHei revealed the frustration among House members, highlighting their disbelief at Biden’s deflection of criticism and attempts to blame his staff or jet lag for his debate performance. The concern over Biden’s mental decline is apparently being shared among Democratic lawmakers, with increasing pressure for Biden to step aside before the convention for a smoother transition.

Many members of Congress, prioritizing their constituents and donors, are reportedly turning on Biden, fearing the impact on their own political futures. Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett has publicly called for Biden to withdraw, with donors expressing anger and voters requesting a change in candidacy.

The discussion within the Democratic Party has intensified, with fears that the situation could jeopardize their party, majorities, and the country, as highlighted by VandeHei. The recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of Trump’s immunity claim in a case related to contesting the 2020 election adds to the mounting concerns within the party.

Polling data shows Biden trailing Trump, with his lead expanding when including independent candidates. The internal turmoil and challenges facing the Democratic Party are creating a sense of urgency among its members to address the situation surrounding Biden’s candidacy and their future prospects.

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