Florida Swings Right as Trump Leads Biden Despite Pro-Abortion Ballot Push

Last week, the Florida Supreme Court made decisions about the state’s abortion laws. They allowed a pro-abortion initiative to appear on the November ballot. President Joe Biden’s team, who want him to be reelected and made this a big issue, and other Democratic people were fast to react. They hoped this meant Florida could be won in the 2024 election. But, a new poll from Emerson College on Thursday showed something different.

The poll said that only 38 percent of people support Biden, while 51 percent support Donald Trump, who was the president before and might run again in the future. Eleven percent of people were not decided. When people had to choose between the two, Trump led by a lot, 56-44 percent.

Trump won Florida in 2016 and again in 2020. The state is turning more and more Republican. Governor Ron DeSantis, who is Republican, also won by a small amount in 2018.

Florida is becoming redder. DeSantis and the state’s Attorney General Ashley Moody don’t want the pro-abortion initiative to be on the ballot. But Democrats are still hoping to win Florida in the election. Biden’s team is planning to focus on changing Florida’s support to Biden. They also want to talk about abortion and marijuana to try and get young people to vote.

The White House had strong reactions when the court allowed the pro-abortion initiative to be on the ballot. Biden called the decision “outrageous” and said things to make people scared.

A new poll said that 42 percent of people support the pro-abortion initiative, but 25 percent said they will vote no, and 32 percent are not decided.

An expert from Charlotte Lozier Institute thinks that the pro-life people have a good chance to win in November. He said that the pro-abortion side did not get a lot of support in Ohio and Michigan. The poll was done on April 9-10, and asked 1,000 people. There might be some changes in how much Biden’s team focuses on Florida for the election.

Written by Staff Reports

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