Four Dems Eyeing Biden’s Chair in 2024: Showdown Looms!

Although Joe Biden is expected to be the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 2024, he won't be able to run without a challenge. There are still some Democrats who are considering running against him.

First up is Robert Kennedy Jr., whose anti-vaccination rhetoric has been a major issue in the Democratic primaries. He has criticized both former President Barack Obama and Joe Biden for their handling of the COVID-19 vaccine issue. Despite Kennedy's rise in the polls, Biden still leads the race. The decision by the DNC to add South Carolina to the primary list could solidify his position as the party's nominee.

Self-help guru and former candidate for the 2020 Democratic primary Marianne Williamson is in the mix. But, she has not been able to gain much traction. She has criticized the Democratic National Committee and its members for supporting Joe Biden. She also experienced issues with her campaign management.

Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips is one of the Democrats who is considering challenging Biden. Unlike other politicians, he has not endorsed the former vice president's reelection bid. He has also reached out to Cornel West, the Green Party's candidate, to challenge Biden. Despite his lack of formal plans, Phillips said that the Democrats want a competition.

From the red state of West Virginia, Joe Manchin is another potential candidate for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 2024. He has been criticized by liberal activists for his stance on certain issues. Despite his name recognition, Manchin is not considered a frontrunner for the nomination. A coalition of like-minded candidates would have a hard time defeating an incumbent president.

Despite the various challenges that these Democrats may present to Biden, it's still highly probable that he will be the party's candidate for the 2024 presidential election. As a conservative journalist, it's interesting to watch the developments within the Democratic Party. The divisions within the party could affect their chances of winning the general election.

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