Fulton DA’s Steamy Affair Aims to Take Down Trump

In a recent scandalous saga brewing in Georgia, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is under the microscope for an alleged romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, a lawyer she plucked to help take down none other than former President Donald Trump. Oh boy, talk about a tangled web being spun in the legal world!

The New York Post dug up some juicy details, revealing that Wade’s phone pinged near Willis’ swanky condo a whopping 35 times in 2021. Late-night rendezvous? You betcha. One escapade lasted from 10:45 p.m. to 3:28 a.m. – talk about burning the midnight oil in more ways than one! These alleged visits all went down before Wade joined the anti-Trump team, contradicting their claims that the lovey-dovey stuff started post-appointment. Oaths and honesty, anyone?

Cue the legal eagle Keith Johnson, swooping in with a declaration that Willis and Wade might find themselves in hot water for potentially fibbing under oath. Tsk, tsk! Mr. Johnson points out the trail of phone calls and texts hinting at a pre-appointment bond, making those sworn testimonies look as shaky as a Jenga tower in an earthquake. Perjury charges, anyone? They may be knocking on the courthouse doors soon!

Facing the heat, Willis’ office clapped back, attempting to poke holes in the phone data brought to light by Trump’s legal squad. They claim the records don’t spill the tea on the communication content, geographical whereabouts, or close encounters between Wade and Willis. A classic case of “nothing to see here, folks!” or a desperate attempt to sweep the scandal under the legal rug? You be the judge!

In the wild world of legal drama and political battles, this unfolding tale of romance, late-night visits, and alleged perjury has all the makings of a reality TV show – “Lawyers in Love: Atlanta Edition.” Stay tuned, conservative friends, for more updates on whether justice will prevail or if this legal tango will end in a dramatic courtroom showdown. Politics sure does make for strange bedfellows!

Written by Staff Reports

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