Georgia DA’s Trump Obsession: Targets Allies, Eyes RICO Law

Fancy that! Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis just can’t seem to let go of her obsession with former President Donald Trump. There are rumors floating around that she’s planning to unleash a barrage of indictments, targeting both Trump and his loyal allies. Who will be on the chopping block? Only time will tell.

According to those sneaky sources over at CNN, Willis has been salivating over the possibility of using the RICO law against Trump. She’s quite the fan of this statute, apparently using it to go after innocent teachers and musicians in the past. Talk about abusing your power!

It all started when Trump had a friendly little chat with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, politely asking him to find the missing votes that would have secured his victory. But of course, the liberal media spun it into some scandalous tale of election tampering. Trump, in his usual fashion, brushed it off as a “perfect phone call.” And honestly, who are we to question his word?

Despite the fact that special counsel Jack Smith already charged Trump with four federal counts related to his alleged attempt to steal the election, Willis just can’t resist adding another indictment to the mix. This would make it number four in less than a year. Incredible! It’s almost as if they’re trying to distract Trump from his undeniable popularity.

In case you haven’t heard, Trump is currently leading the pack in GOP primary polling for the 2024 nomination. That’s right, he’s leaving his opponents in the dust with a whopping lead. And even in a potential rematch with Sleepy Joe Biden, Trump’s numbers are looking pretty darn good. Is it any wonder that the left is so desperate to tarnish his image with these baseless charges?

These legal battles are nothing more than a shameful attempt to undermine Trump’s campaign and tarnish his prospects. But let me tell you, my fellow conservatives, we won’t be fooled. We see through their agenda and we will stand by our champion. Trump will prevail, indictments or not. Mark my words.

Written by Staff Reports

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