GOP-Appointed Justices Address Ethics, Security, Free Speech Concerns

Three of the justices on the United States Supreme Court, who are all appointed by the Republican party, shared their thoughts about important issues at various conferences recently. Justice Clarence Thomas spoke at the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judicial Conference, where he expressed concern about the negativity and falsehoods that have affected him and his wife. They have been the subject of reports alleging ethics violations, but Justice Thomas defended himself, saying that he has not broken any rules and that the person mentioned in the reports is just a friend.

Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh also attended a judicial conference, where he mentioned the security measures that are in place to protect him and his family. He faced a serious threat in 2022 and has had protesters outside his home, which he says have diminished over time. Justice Kavanaugh emphasized the importance of federal judges staying out of politics and focusing on being fair and respectful to everyone in the courtroom. 


Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., who is Catholic, made comments during a commencement address at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio about the decline of support for free speech. He expressed concerns about the lack of dedication to freedom of speech, particularly on college campuses where ideas are meant to be exchanged.

The justices’ comments come as the Supreme Court is finishing up its 2023 term, with several important cases awaiting decisions. These cases include whether former President Donald Trump can be prosecuted for crimes, if states that ban abortion have to perform the procedure in emergency rooms, and the limits of the Second Amendment for domestic violence offenders.

The justices’ remarks highlight their concerns about the state of free speech, security, and ethics, and show their dedication to upholding the principles of the Constitution and the rule of law in their roles on the Supreme Court.

Written by Staff Reports

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