GOP Bill Unleashes States’ Power to Sue Feds Over Immigration Failures!

Republican Representatives Chip Roy and Dan Bishop have taken a stand against the Biden administration’s flimsy immigration policies with the introduction of the “SUE for Immigration Enforcement Act.” This bill aims to give states the power to sue the federal government when it fails to enforce immigration laws, especially when it comes to illegal aliens invading our country like it’s a backyard barbecue that they weren’t invited to!

The idea here is simple: states should be able to defend their own borders when the federal government drops the ball. It’s like having a neighbor who keeps letting their wild party guests crash on your couch without asking for permission, and finally, you can call the cops on them! Roy and Bishop aren’t afraid to call out the Biden administration for its open-borders agenda that’s as leaky as a water gun with a hole in it.


By giving state attorneys general the authority to take legal action against the Secretary of Homeland Security, this bill puts the power back where it belongs – with the states. It’s a bit like telling the big kids on the playground that they can’t just steamroll over the little ones without consequences.

And let’s not forget, the “SUE” bill is the complete opposite of what some Senate Democrats want, who tried to strip away states’ rights to challenge the federal government on immigration issues. It’s comforting to see some politicians still have a backbone and aren’t willing to let President Biden and his crew turn our borders into a turnstile for anyone who wants to saunter in like they own the place.

In a world where the southern border resembles a revolving door thanks to Biden and Mayorkas, it’s refreshing to see lawmakers like Roy and Bishop taking a stand against the chaos and lawlessness that is currently plaguing our nation. It’s time to make the Democrats sweat a little and put their loyalty to the American people to the test. Let’s see if they care more about securing our borders or securing votes in the next election.

Opinions on this bill are as clear as day – it’s a step in the right direction to reign in the reckless actions of the Biden administration and protect our country from the never-ending influx of illegal aliens. It’s about time someone stood up and said, “Enough is enough!” Let’s hope this bill sees the light of day and doesn’t get buried under the piles of paperwork in the Democrat-controlled Senate. America’s security is at stake, and it’s time to put our foot down and say, “No more free rides for those who break our laws!”

Written by Staff Reports

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