GOP Fights Biden’s Truck Emission Rules, Cites High Costs

Congressional Republicans are standing up against the Biden administration’s latest environmental regulations targeting greenhouse gas emissions for heavy-duty trucks. Senators and Representatives have introduced a resolution to nullify the rule, believing it will limit consumer choices, increase reliance on foreign adversaries, and raise costs for Americans. They argue that electric trucks cost more and cannot haul as much as traditional diesel trucks.

Conservatives are pushing back against what they view as President Biden’s “delusional” electric vehicle mandate that could harm low-income and rural families. They criticize the rule for potentially leading to increased traffic congestion and higher transportation costs without effectively reducing emissions. Republicans like Sen. Pete Ricketts emphasize the importance of defending consumer choice and preventing further dependence on foreign powers like the CCP.

Critics of the EPA’s new emissions regulations express concerns about the negative impact on small trucking businesses and the overall supply chain. They warn that the rule could lead to significant operational challenges and increased costs, ultimately affecting the availability of consumer goods. Republican lawmakers and industry insiders emphasize the need for the EPA to consider the practical realities of the trucking industry when implementing such regulations.

While the Congressional Review Act (CRA) is a challenging path to overturn the rule, Republicans are also considering legal action if necessary. Senator Dan Sullivan remains optimistic, believing that bipartisan support could sway the decision. They are urging Democrats, including Senator Joe Manchin, to listen to their constituents and oppose the rule. With concerns about the economic impact and practicality of the regulation, conservative lawmakers are determined to fight against what they see as damaging policies from the Biden administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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