Greta Strikes Again: Blocking Oil, Waging War on Prosperity & Workers!

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teen activist, caused quite a bit of trouble once again. For five days, she occupied Malmo Harbor to prevent oil tankers from accessing the area. Similar to her previous actions, she demanded that people stop using technology to save the planet. Unfortunately, she is also waging a war against the working class.

In Germany, Thunberg was arrested several times for protesting against wind farms. Her latest protest, which took place in Sweden, shows that she doesn't support policies that provide cheap or renewable energy. Her hypocrisy is astonishing, considering how she lives in a comfortable lifestyle.

Thunberg's green politics are both narcissistic and classist. In Malmo harbor, demonstrators, including herself, held up signs that read "Toxic Sludge of Oil" and "No More Oil!" while shouting slogans against the truckers who deliver this harmful substance. Their anger toward the working class is not justified since Earth is not in danger.

Humans have been around for only a brief period of time, and Earth has warmed significantly over the past few million years. Geological evidence has shown that the planet was too warm for the development of polar ice caps. During the past few million years, fossil fuels such as oil tankers, coal-burning power plants and SUVs were not common.

Thunberg's crusade aims to wreck capitalism instead of saving the environment, and it's not worth the damage it would cause to the modern economy. It's time to stop being dazzled by the Doom Pixie and focus on finding an achievable and realistic climate change plan that doesn't wreck the modern economy.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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