Gun-Free NYC Plagued by Surging Stabbings and Slashings!

Stabbings and slashings are on the rise in the gun control haven of New York City, despite the city’s strict gun control laws. According to the NYPD, nonfatal stabbings have surged by 26% since 2019. So far this year, there have been 3,365 nonfatal stabbings, a 5% increase from last year. The number of fatal stabbings has also increased by 29% compared to 2019.

Interestingly, while knife violence is increasing, gun violence has actually decreased in the city. Gun-related incidents have dropped by 26.1% in March 2023 compared to the previous year, and homicides have fallen by 11.4%.

One reason for the rise in knife violence is that knives are easier and cheaper to obtain than guns, and offenders are less likely to face serious consequences if caught. Criminals are also drawn to bladed weapons because they are easier to conceal and can be used to ambush unarmed victims.

The rise in knife violence is a clear sign that New York City still has a serious crime problem. The city’s gun control measures have not been effective in keeping people safe. The anti-gun lobby and lenient prosecutors who refuse to hold violent offenders accountable are only making the problem worse.

One solution to combat knife violence is to allow responsible New Yorkers to arm themselves. If potential assailants knew they were more likely to encounter an armed target, they may think twice about attempting to victimize someone. It’s a well-known fact that bringing a knife to a gunfight is a losing battle.

Until New York’s gun control laws are challenged and overturned, innocent people will remain vulnerable to criminals. Unfortunately, it seems that the state’s government is more interested in protecting criminals than law-abiding citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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