Hallie Biden Testifies on Hunter’s Drug Use Amid Gun Purchase Trial

In a recent trial in Wilmington, Delaware, Hallie Biden, who is Hunter Biden's sister-in-law and former girlfriend, took the stand to testify about her firsthand observations of Hunter’s alleged drug use. Hallie revealed that she had seen Hunter using crack cocaine just days after he had purchased a firearm in October 2018. She also disclosed her own battle with crack addiction, a habit she said Hunter had introduced her to earlier that year. While she expressed deep regret and shame about her past drug use, she assured the court that she has since overcome her addiction.

The prosecution presented text messages between Hallie and Hunter Biden following his gun purchase, where Hunter made references that Hallie interpreted as him buying crack cocaine. Hallie also recounted discovering traces of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia in Hunter’s car. This evidence was intended to show that Hunter was actively using drugs at the time he bought the gun.

Hunter Biden’s legal team countered these claims by arguing that Hunter was in recovery during that period. They suggested that Hunter's messages about drug use might not have been sincere. The defense highlighted that Hallie did not actually see Hunter using drugs at the critical time and had difficulty recalling details about the gun's disposal.

During her testimony, Hallie described the chaotic events of October 23, 2018, when she found a handgun in Hunter’s car and threw it into a nearby trash can. She detailed Hunter’s reaction when he discovered the gun was missing and her own panic at the time. Hallie stated that Hunter later instructed her to retrieve the gun and report its disposal to the police, leading to its recovery.

The jury also heard from police officers and a man who found the gun in a market trash bin. The items recovered with the gun, including ammunition and drug paraphernalia, were linked to Hunter Biden. The FBI confirmed that a substance found in a pouch with the gun tested positive for cocaine.

The testimony and evidence have cast a spotlight on Hunter Biden’s drug use and the circumstances of his gun purchase and disposal. As the trial continues, the court will weigh the evidence from both sides to reach a verdict.

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