HEATING UP: DeSantis Throws Jab Back At Trump

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, criticized Donald Trump's recent attacks during a press conference.

On Tuesday, Trump accused Congressman Ron DeSantis of being a “racist” and a “liar” after he was accused of having a sexual relationship with a high school student while he was teaching history at a school in Georgia. He also criticized the former congressman for his opposition to an immigration bill and for supporting the arrest of Capitol protesters.

When asked about his criticism of Trump, DeSantis said that he focuses on fighting against Joe Biden and delivering results for Florida. He additionally stated that he doesn't try to smear other Republicans.

Trump has been targeting Ron DeSantis because he was afraid that the governor might challenge him for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

The attacks on DeSantis started after a recent poll showed that he was leading Trump among Republican primary voters. During a rally in November, Trump referred to him as a “DeSanctimonious” individual.

Trump has also been criticizing the way DeSantis handled the COVID-19 situation. He claimed that his handling of the situation was worse than that of other Republican governors.

During a press conference held on January 31, DeSantis maintained that he was the winner of the 2022 governor's election, and he noted that his policies and record have been widely supported in the state.

In response, DeSantis noted that he was able to win the election with the highest number of votes ever recorded by a Republican candidate in Florida. He also stated that the people of the state had spoken.

After the midterm elections, Trump launched his third campaign for the presidency in November. He noted that it would be “a mistake” for DeSantis to challenge him in the future.

"During the press conference, Trump also stated that he doesn't know if DeSantis will run for president in 2024. He noted that he thinks the former congressman could badly hurt himself if he does."

Trump stated that if DeSantis decides to run for president, he would likely reveal negative information about him. He noted that he knows more about the former congressman than anyone else.

Both Trump and DeSantis are considered to be the leading candidates for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential elections. Trump has criticized DeSantis for not showing enough appreciation for his support during the governor's race in Florida.

Trump noted that he had a good relationship with DeSantis before he endorsed him. However, after he endorsed him, he said that he was no longer able to see the former congressman.

During an interview with News Nation, Trump noted that he had no choice but to support DeSantis because he was going to be a “total waste of time” in the race. He noted that he had already gotten the nomination after the endorsement.

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