Here’s Why The FBI Wants To Eliminate George Santos

George Santos, a Republican from New York, is in a state of crisis. Democrats want him gone because he’s from a vulnerable district, and a single fewer Republican in the House would increase the chances that the GOP would try to gum up the works. Moderate Republicans also want him gone because they don’t understand the game, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has refused to call for his resignation.

He knows what's at stake. Doing what's right can lead to a higher price. That's why it's important that the Left supports Santos and prevents him from being indicted.

The FBI is currently investigating a Navy veteran who claims that Congressman George Santos of New York stole from a fundraising campaign that was aimed at helping his service dog.

On Wednesday, Richard Osthoff, who claims that Santos stole from his fundraising campaign, told NBC News that he had been contacted by the FBI. He provided the agency with all of the information it asked for, including his text messages with the Congressman.

According to Osthoff, he was "elated" that the big guys were able to catch up to him. He said he was turning over all of his text messages and the details of the campaign to the authorities.

The scope of the investigation was revealed by a news report from Politico. The FBI in New York declined to comment on the report.

The allegations made by Osthoff caught the attention of the media after reported that the funds that Santos raised through a charity group were never made available.

The timing of the investigation is suspect, given that the FBI has been known for doing dirty work on behalf of the Left. Since the media has been torching this individual, nothing has changed for Santos in his position as a Congressman.

In his column, Kurt explains that Santos is a legend, but he's also not as bad as the other scum that can be found in the Capitol building.

If the allegations are true, then it's clear that Santos is at home. The building where the charity was established is not a church, but a cesspool.

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