Jordan Peterson Sends DIRE Warning On Joe Rogan

Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, warned Wednesday that the procedures that allow children to transition from one gender to another could have dire consequences.

According to Peterson, performing sex reassignment procedures on children would be a disaster because doctors do not have the proper training to evaluate such individuals. He also stated that the U.S is not ready for all hell to break loose.

"According to him, the rising number of transgender individuals in the UK prompted a spike in the number of transformations. He noted that many of these individuals were rushed through the process without proper assessment."

He called the procedures for transitioning individuals into another gender "appalling."

He noted that out of all the kids who identify as transgender, around 90% eventually decide to accept their biological sex at around the age of 18 or 19. Many of those who undergo sex change operations are also homosexual.

He added that due to the low chances of conceiving a transgender child, it is more likely that the child will be the offspring of a "devouring mother" or a parent who is either pansexual or transgender.

"After figuring out the probability of having a transgender child, which is around one in 3,000, Peterson noted that the chances of having a pansexual child are the same as those for trans individuals. However, since nobody talks about this subject five years ago, the chances of having a pansexual child are only around one in nine million."

"According to him, the odds of being a pathological narcissist are about 8,700, 999 to one. He then asked whether one is a trans kid or a pansexual kid. With that in mind, one can hypothetically decide whether they are a devouring mother or a trans kid."

In August, the Boston Children's Hospital released a video promoting hysterectomies as a type of "gender-affirming care." The hospital then updated its guidance to state that individuals who are at least 18 years old are required to meet certain criteria in order to undergo the procedure.

In the past, the Medical University Hospital of South Carolina was able to provide cross-sex hormone therapy and puberty blockers to kids aged 4-18. The facility closed its pediatric division in 2022 following pressure from conservative groups in the state.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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