Hero Whistleblower Exposes FBI Director’s Web of Lies: Children at Risk!

In a startling social media revelation, conservative icon Steven Friend exposed FBI Director Christopher Wray's dishonesty. Friend took to Twitter to set the record right after courageously blowing the alarm on the FBI's manipulation of statistics on domestic extremism, deceitful tactics to apprehend January 6th rioters, and the bureau's ruthless retaliation against him and his family.

The renowned whistleblower tweeted, "The FBI Director told Congress that agents do not conduct school board surveillance. What an embarrassing untruth! My office's Joint Terrorism Task Force was responsible, and I testified about it in May." It is reprehensible that the FBI director would brazenly lie to Congress, but I suppose this is par for the course with this corrupt administration.

However, the falsehoods do not end there. Friend continued, revealing Wray's deceit regarding the reassignment of agents from child exploitation to domestic terrorism investigations. "Another lie," declared Friend. "I was transferred away from child pornography cases and informed that they would be handled as a 'local matter.'" It is evident that Wray will do whatever it takes to advance his agenda, even if it means jeopardizing the welfare of our children."

Friend, who has firsthand knowledge of how the bureau punishes whistleblowers, responded on Twitter to critics who suggested he find employment. "Got one," he boasted defiantly. "At the Center for Renewing America, I am fortunate to work with extraordinary, gifted, and patriotic individuals." Friend deserves praise for standing up to the FBI's corruption and obtaining meaningful employment in the private sector.

Friend did not hold back when the FBI denied the allegations via Twitter and cited Wray's testimony as evidence. Perhaps you should request that the FBI Jacksonville Daytona Beach Resident Agency Joint Terrorism Task Force retract their actions, he replied. Clearly, Wray's web of falsehoods is unraveling rapidly, and individuals such as Friend are disclosing the truth for all to see.

Friend continued on from there. He criticized publicly Wray's dismissive answers during his congressional testimony. "Chris Wray dismissed public disfavor by bragging about the large number of job applicants. The American people are your consumers, Mr. Director. Should a restaurant proprietor disregard reports of food contamination simply because there is high demand for employment?"

Defenders of the corrupt FBI attempted to attribute the bureau's low approval ratings to whistleblowers like Friend. However, Friend quickly refuted their unfounded accusations. "I'm not an agent," he explained. "The FBI fired me immediately after I legally reported threats to public safety." I can gaze in the mirror with pride, knowing that I did the correct thing."

It is long past time to expose the FBI's deceit and malfeasance. Steven Friend's courageous actions have exposed Christopher Wray's deceit. Our law enforcement agencies must be transparent and honest, and we must hold these individuals accountable. Friend should be commended for his bravery, while Wray should be held accountable for his dishonest actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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