Elon Musk Torpedoes MSNBC’s Shocking Health-‘White Supremacy’ Claim

In a bizarre and ridiculous turn of events, Twitter owner Elon Musk took to social media to blast MSNBC after the leftist outlet re-shared an op-ed from 2022 claiming that home fitness trends and staying healthy were a gateway to “white supremacy.” It’s truly mind-boggling how the left can turn something as innocent as working out into a far-right conspiracy.

The op-ed itself is filled with ludicrous claims and even manages to slip in a Hitler reference. According to the writer, the far right has allegedly taken advantage of pandemic at-home fitness trends to expand their radicalization of physical mixed martial arts and combat sports spaces. They even go as far as referencing Hitler’s fixation on boxing and jujitsu in “Mein Kampf.”

It’s clear that the writer is grasping at straws to push their agenda. Physical fitness has always been important to individuals of all political affiliations, and to suggest that it is somehow tied to white supremacy is not only absurd, but also offensive. It’s disappointing to see MSNBC promoting such unfounded claims.

Writer Miller-Idriss also claims that fitness promotes brain health and overall well-being, which is undeniable. However, they argue that intertwining those positive feelings with hateful and dehumanizing ideas creates a dangerous cocktail of radicalization. This is nothing more than an attempt to vilify individuals who prioritize their physical health.

Elon Musk and Joe Rogan were quick to respond to the article, expressing their disbelief and mockery. Rogan sarcastically questioned how being healthy could possibly be labeled as “far right,” while Musk commented that parody and reality are becoming indistinguishable. He also pointed out the absurdity of MSNBC labeling anyone who works out as a Nazi.

It’s evident that the claims made in the op-ed are so outrageous that even Twitter users are mocking it. One user humorously shared their experience of doing pushups and suddenly finding a swastika tattoo on their chest. This serves to highlight just how ridiculous the MSNBC claim is.

The fact that a reputable news outlet like MSNBC would support and share such an article is concerning. It’s clear that they have succumbed to the divisive rhetoric of painting anything associated with the far right as inherently evil. This kind of biased reporting only serves to further polarize our society and hinder meaningful conversations about important issues.

It’s important to approach news articles with a critical eye and recognize when they are pushing an agenda rather than providing unbiased information. The mainstream media needs to do better by promoting responsible journalism and avoiding the spread of baseless claims.

Written by Staff Reports

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