Manchin Eyes White House Run? Dems Panic, GOP Laughs!

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, the Democratic Party’s favorite token conservative, is once again causing a stir in the political world. Rumor has it that he may be eyeing a presidential run, much to the dismay of his fellow Democrats. But before he starts measuring the drapes in the Oval Office, Manchin is set to headline an event hosted by the No Labels organization in New Hampshire – the land of maple syrup, moose, and the first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

No Labels, a group that pretends to be bipartisan while pushing a leftist agenda, is launching its so-called “Common Sense” agenda at the event. They will be unveiling a policy booklet packed with 30 ideas to supposedly tackle America’s challenges. But let’s be honest, these ideas are most likely just more big government nonsense that will only serve to stifle freedom and burden hardworking Americans.

The event in New Hampshire is being hyped up as a townhall, where Manchin and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, a Republican-in-name-only, will engage in a “meaningful dialogue across party lines.” Except, knowing Manchin, it will probably just be him appeasing the leftists with a few empty platitudes while he continues to undermine conservative values.

Now, why is this event happening in New Hampshire, you may ask? Well, it just so happens to be the state that holds the first nominating contest in the presidential primary system. Coincidence? I think not. No Labels is clearly using this opportunity to test the waters for a potential third-party candidate. And that’s what has many Democrats running scared. They’re worried that a Manchin presidential bid would siphon votes away from their beloved Joe Biden and potentially hand another victory to the dreaded orange man, Donald Trump.

But not to worry, the Democrats are mobilizing to stop this perceived threat. Former House Democratic leader Richard Gephardt is launching a new bipartisan group to oppose No Labels’ efforts. And he’s managed to rope in Democrat Doug Jones and Republican strategist Stuart Stevens, both known for their questionable judgment, to join the cause.

Meanwhile, other party officials are storming Capitol Hill to try and squash any talk of a third-party contender. MoveOn and Third Way, two left-leaning organizations, are on a mission to convince Senate Democratic chiefs of staff that a No Labels ticket would be a disaster. Well, if MoveOn and Third Way are against it, then it must be a good idea!

But let’s not forget that it’s not just Manchin causing headaches for the Democrats. They already have their hands full with Cornel West, who is also threatening a third-party presidential bid. It seems like the Democratic Party is crumbling from within, torn apart by internal divisions and the desire for power at any cost.

As for Manchin himself, he’s not giving a straight answer about his presidential ambitions. He keeps talking about the importance of coming together in the middle and having a “Plan B” option. Well, Senator, here’s a “Plan B” for you: stop playing both sides and start standing up for conservative values. Enough with the empty rhetoric and grandstanding.

It remains to be seen whether Manchin will actually throw his hat in the ring. But let’s be honest, even if he does, he doesn’t stand a chance. His token conservatism won’t fool real conservatives, and his left-leaning policies won’t appeal to the majority of Americans. So, Joe, save us all the trouble and stick to what you’re good at – being a thorn in the side of the Democratic Party. The country will thank you for it.

Written by Staff Reports

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