Hilarious! Biden Gets Booed on Vacation by Angry Trump Supporters

An article that was released by Newsmax claims that supporters of Donald Trump booed at President Joe Biden and his family as they entered South Carolina on Wednesday for a vacation.

The president and his family will be staying on the island at the property of a friend, despite the site being well-known for its elite beach and golf resort.
This is in line with how they have spent their time there on their previous visits.

A number of the locals of the area put up placards on the front lawns of their homes. On one was written "Let's Go Brandon," and on the other was inscribed "FU JOE."

There will be a vote in the House of Representatives on whether or not to pass a bill that contains several of Vice President Biden's top priorities while he is in South Carolina. This bill incorporates the single most important investment in the annals of the battle against climate change, which is approximately $369 billion over the course of the subsequent ten years.

The legislation would also set a limit of $2,000 per year on the amount of money Medicare recipients would have to pay out of their own pocket for the cost of prescription medications.

In addition, the legislation would continue the subsidies that were offered for the duration of the coronavirus epidemic, which would help an estimated 13 million American citizens pay for their healthcare insurance.

Written by Staff Reports

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