House GOP to Vote on Resolution Slamming Biden for Threats to Israel Aid

House Republicans are gearing up to vote on a resolution condemning President Joe Biden for his recent threats to withhold weapons shipments to Israel. According to the resolution, Biden’s actions are being criticized as a mishandling of the U.S. response to the war in Gaza and an abandonment of a critical ally. The proposed resolution seeks to condemn what House Republicans view as a “dangerous hold” on weapons to Israel and calls for withholding funds from key government officials until the materials are delivered.

Critics, particularly from the Republican camp, have been vocal in their disapproval of Biden’s stance on the matter. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise expressed unwavering support for Israel’s defense against terrorists and those who threaten its freedom, stating that it is not President Biden’s place to dictate how Israel should defend itself and deter violence against its people.

The resolution was prompted by comments made by President Biden last week, in which he suggested that the U.S. would cease supplying artillery shells and other weapons to Israel if it were to invade the city of Rafah, a Hamas stronghold in Gaza. This marked the first public threat of halting weapons to Israel by the Biden administration and has sparked criticism from Republicans.

Some Republican leaders have accused Biden of flip-flopping on his support for Israel, suggesting that the president’s recent stance is an attempt to appease progressive Democrats who oppose the shipments. They pointed to the substantial aid package, which included funds to replenish Israel’s missile defense systems and secure advanced weapons, that Biden had supported and signed into law just last month.

In response to the backlash, President Biden has faced criticism not only from Republicans but also from certain factions within his own party. Some Democratic voters, especially in blue states, have expressed their discontent by casting “uncommitted” votes in protest. This dissent could potentially pose challenges for Biden in the general election, especially as he prepares to face a tight race against former President Trump.

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