Hunter Biden Probe Led by “Sweetheart” Deal Architect?

The U.S. Attorney General, Merrick Garland, has made a move that he likely hoped would quell accusations of bias within the Department of Justice. Unfortunately for him, it has only brought more scrutiny. It turns out that the man Garland appointed to lead the investigation into Hunter Biden is none other than U.S. Attorney David Weiss. And why is this a problem, you may ask? Well, Weiss just so happens to be the same guy who oversaw the charges against Hunter Biden in Delaware, charges that ultimately resulted in a “sweetheart” plea deal. It’s almost like Garland wants to give Hunter Biden a free pass!

Garland made the announcement on Friday, proudly declaring the appointment of Weiss as special counsel. But let’s not forget that just a few days prior, Weiss himself had asked Garland to make him a special counsel. It’s not exactly a coincidence, now is it? Garland claims that he made this decision in the “public interest,” but many are left scratching their heads and asking whose interest is really being served here.

Unsurprisingly, there has been swift condemnation from conservative voices. U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is one of the first to speak out, calling the whole thing a farce. He pointed out the absurdity of having the same person who wrote the plea agreement now investigating the Bidens. It’s like asking a fox to guard the henhouse! Even former President Donald Trump, who is known for not holding back, released a statement expressing his disapproval. He questioned why Weiss was chosen in the first place, suggesting that it was due to the influence of Democrats from Delaware. And let’s not forget Trump’s signature flair as he proposed his own alternative judge to oversee the investigation.

To make matters worse, even CNN’s Jake Tapper, who is definitely not known for his conservative leanings, chimed in to say that there may be some validity to the concerns surrounding Weiss’s appointment. When even CNN is saying that something doesn’t smell right, you know there’s a problem. It’s clear that this investigation is tainted from the start with Weiss at the helm. The American people deserve better than this blatant display of bias and favoritism.

In the end, the appointment of David Weiss as special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden just reinforces the idea that the Department of Justice is just another tool being used to protect the Biden family. It’s a sad state of affairs when justice is compromised for political gain. The American people deserve transparency and fairness, not political maneuvering disguised as investigations. It’s time for the DOJ to do its job and restore faith in our justice system.

Written by Staff Reports

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