Hunter Biden’s Shady Camp David Escapades Raise Suspicions

It seems like the Biden family can’t catch a break when it comes to controversies. The latest bombshell in the Biden family foreign dealings scandal involves the alleged interference of the Department of Justice in the IRS investigation. Shockingly enough, the investigators were reportedly barred from looking into anything related to Joe Biden or any other shady business dealings of the Bidens. Talk about a convenient cover-up!

In the midst of all this scandal, Hunter Biden decided to tag along with his father to Camp David over the weekend. Now, one might expect the president to be busy dealing with the Russian rebellion or discussing important matters with his National Security Advisor. But no, instead we find Hunter cozying up at Camp David, leaving many to wonder if there was more to these trips than just a family getaway. Who knows who Daddy Biden might be secretly meeting with up there?

And to top it all off, this was not the first weekend trip for the father-son duo. They made the same journey just the weekend before. It’s almost as if Camp David has become their go-to spot whenever they need a breather from all the scrutiny. But when you’re knee-deep in scandal, vacation time might not be the wisest decision. Perhaps they should spend more time cleaning up their mess rather than lounging at a luxurious retreat.

But the plot thickens. Reports indicate that Hunter’s wife, Melissa, was absent from both of these Camp David trips, despite being present at a recent state dinner. Could it be that the Bidens were using their time away to meet with lawyers or advisors? We can only speculate. One thing is for sure, though – the White House will do everything it can to dodge this question when pressed for an answer.

It’s also worth noting that Joe Biden seems determined to shield his son from any consequences. Despite advice from his aides to distance himself from Hunter, the president defiantly declared, “Hands off my family.” Well, Mr. Biden, maybe if you had advised your son to stay away from questionable activities in the first place, you wouldn’t be in this mess. But hey, who needs wisdom when you’ve been wrong about most things for the past forty years, right?

As the Bidens continue to face scrutiny and raise eyebrows with their weekend adventures, one thing is clear – their questionable actions have put them in hot water. Maybe instead of enjoying lavish vacations, they should focus on addressing the numerous scandals that surround them. It’s time for a reality check, Biden family.

Written by Staff Reports

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