Pence Defends Trump: No Vote Pressure, Slams Biden’s Afghan Fiasco

Former Vice President Mike Pence has surprisingly come to the defense of his former boss, President Donald Trump, amidst allegations of attempting to influence the 2020 vote count in Arizona. Despite their public falling out, Pence made it clear in an interview with CBS News that there was no pressure from Trump to interfere with the electoral process.

Pence firmly denied any sort of pressure from Trump, even when asked if he had discussed the matter with the Special Counsel. The former vice president emphasized that while he and Trump had their differences, he believed he fulfilled his duty under the Constitution during the joint session of Congress following the Capitol riot. According to Pence, the contacts with Arizona’s then-Governor Doug Ducey were nothing more than routine updates passed along to the president.

It is admirable to see Pence standing by Trump’s side, remaining steadfast in his denial of any involvement in election interference. This just goes to show the integrity and loyalty Pence has, even when facing pressure from the liberal media. The fact that Pence didn’t succumb to the left’s narrative further highlights his commitment to the truth.

In addition to the election controversy, Pence also weighed in on President Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. He revealed that Trump would have taken a different approach, keeping a small force stationed at Bagram Airfield while withdrawing most troops from the country. It’s clear that Trump’s strategy would have ensured stability and prevented the Taliban’s swift takeover. Biden’s incompetence in handling the withdrawal has resulted in a humanitarian crisis and has damaged America’s reputation on the global stage.

Pence’s remarks concerning Afghanistan demonstrate the stark contrast between Trump’s wise leadership and Biden’s disastrous decision-making. While Trump prioritized the safety and security of American citizens, Biden’s actions have left countless lives in danger and have squandered the sacrifices made by our brave servicemen and women.

In conclusion, Pence’s unwavering support for Trump amidst the election allegations showcases his loyalty and integrity. By standing firm in his denial of any pressure from Trump, Pence reinforces the importance of truth and refuses to let the liberal media dictate the narrative. In addition, his remarks regarding Afghanistan highlight the stark contrast between Trump’s effective leadership and Biden’s incompetence. It is clear that Trump’s approach would have yielded better results and safeguarded American interests.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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