IRS Whistleblower Cornered: Biden Camp Strikes Back in Hunter Saga

In a remarkable turn of events, attorneys for Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, are now implying that whistleblower Gary Shapley could face prison time for speaking out about the investigation into Hunter's alleged misconduct. As allegations surface that the Biden Justice Department is obstructing the investigation, many conservatives shake their heads in disbelief.

Abbe Lowell, the attorney for Hunter Biden, immediately fired back at Representative Jason Smith, accusing him of enabling Shapley to unlawfully disclose confidential source material. Lowell brazenly referred to Shapley as a "disgruntled" worker attempting to conceal his own misconduct. Instead of addressing the potential wrongdoings of Hunter Biden and the Department of Justice, the emissary is attacked.

Unyielding in his pursuit of the truth, Rep. Smith released transcripts of Shapley's testimony alongside those of another whistleblower who alleged Hunter Biden received preferential treatment. The allegations against Hunter, which include misdemeanor counts of tax fraud and a felony count of firearm possession, have been greeted with skepticism due to the apparent leniency shown to the oldest son. It seems that the elite enjoy a distinct set of norms than the rest of us once again.

In an effort to disparage the evidence against his client, Lowell characterized the Whatsapp messages implicating President Biden in the investigation as "complete fakes." It is astonishing how coordinated the efforts are to discredit any possible link between the Bidens and illicit activities. We are left pondering whether the so-called "fake" messages contain any truth or are simply distractions.

Lowell suggests that Shapley and his colleague were unaware of the consequences of providing fraudulent statements to federal investigators, adding to the controversy. However, transcripts from the House disclose that the agents were aware of the gravity of false testimony. Is this a desperate attempt to place responsibility on the whistleblowers, or are there legitimate concerns about their veracity? Time alone will tell.

In the meantime, opponents of Hunter Biden's plea agreement are urging a judge to deny the agreement due to evidence of interference by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. Garland effectively impeded the ability of U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss to hold Hunter Biden accountable for his offenses by denying him special counsel authority. Moreover, reports indicate that liberal U.S. attorneys in New Jersey and Los Angeles declined to prosecute Hunter. The casual observer may be perplexed as to why this alleged corruption remains unaddressed.

The web of corruption enveloping Hunter Biden and the Justice Department under the Biden administration continues to unravel. Whistleblowers are threatened with imprisonment, but potential malfeasance by high-ranking officials is not investigated. Clearly, the elite adhere to a distinct set of standards than the rest of society. The American people deserve accountability and transparency, not cover-ups and justifications.

Written by Staff Reports

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