Jason Aldean Silences Woke Mob, Patriot Song Soars to #1 Despite Controversy

Country music superstar Jason Aldean found himself in hot water after using footage from Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots in the music video for his hit song, “Try That in a Small Town.” A Fox News affiliate, Fox 5 Atlanta, politely demanded that Aldean’s production team remove the controversial footage from the video.

According to reports from Breitbart, Aldean’s team initially reached out to Fox 5 Atlanta to obtain permission to use about six seconds of BLM riot footage. However, instead of providing the necessary details, such as how the footage would be used and the lyrics of the song, Aldean’s team simply sent a link to listen to the song. This lack of transparency raised questions about why they had included the riot footage in the first place.

About a week later, Fox 5 Atlanta responded with a “polite ultimatum,” requesting the removal of the riot clip. Unsurprisingly, Aldean’s production company complied and promptly released an edited version of the music video. And let’s just say, this turn of events has only fueled the fire within the conservative community.

One country music star, Brantley Gilbert, wasted no time in slamming the woke “keyboard warriors” attempting to cancel his friend, Aldean. Gilbert lamented the absence of a society where people can settle disagreements with a good old-fashioned punch to the face. It’s sad indeed.

However, all the backlash hasn’t dampened the success of Aldean’s hit single. It has been proudly sitting at the number one spot on iTunes since July 17th, resonating with a wide audience who can relate to its heartfelt tales of patriotic neighbors standing up against unpatriotic forces. The song’s unlikely triumph even caught the attention of a Republican governor, who invited Aldean to perform at a public event. Not to mention that President Donald Trump himself praised Aldean as a “terrific guy.”

In another twist, Country Music Television (CMT), owned by Paramount, decided to remove the original music video due to its inclusion of footage from left-wing riots. Whether CMT will now allow the new, edited version of the video to be reinstated remains unknown. One can only hope that they come to their senses and recognize the importance of showcasing a patriotic anthem like “Try That in a Small Town.”

In the end, Aldean’s decision to remove the contentious footage may have garnered attention and caused a stir, but it hasn’t deterred the success of his song. The conservative community stands firmly behind him, proving that cancel culture won’t silence the voices of true Americans.

Written by Staff Reports

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