Jill Biden Goes Solo: Left Behind or Leading Charge?

Notably without her husband by her side, First Lady Jill Biden has begun her 2024 campaign trip. Her first trip as a campaigner was to New York, where she visited the DAY ONE Early Learning Community in Poughkeepsie and Dutchess Community College in Fishkill. Although President Joe Biden was not present at these events, it was clear that the first lady was mobilizing her husband's supporters.

Jill Biden is currently moving forward with her campaign, and she will be visiting Wisconsin for two days soon. She will be in Green Bay on October 9 and 10, where she will speak with the media and take part in an NFL Crucial Catch Monday Night Football watch party that the American Cancer Society is hosting. She will visit the Menominee Tribal Enterprises sawmill in Neopit the next day to gain insight into sustainable forest management. She will participate at the Women's Empowerment Summit and visit the College of Menominee Nation in Keshena in the afternoon to learn more about sustainable development and community education.

But with Jill Biden actively running for office, doubts are mounting regarding President Biden's chances of winning a seat in the 2024 presidential race. Even though he is the front-runner for the Democratic Party's nomination, questions have been raised regarding his dedication to winning a second term due to his lack of campaigning. Even though the President used a "basement strategy" to campaign mostly from home in 2020, it appears that he is not receiving the same degree of support for his programs or public persona as he did at that time.

Biden's "basement strategy 2.0" may or may not be successful. On the one hand, it doesn't seem likely to be as successful as it was previously given the current situation. But given the unexpected result of the 2020 election, it wouldn't be totally stunning if he were to pull it off again. In any case, it's clear that President Biden is at a disadvantage due to his inactive campaigning, particularly in comparison to first lady Jill Biden's engaged and active style.

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